About Pro Scapes

Proscapes was established in 2001 out of owner Jesse Escalera’s 2 bedroom apartment shared by 4 roomates in Huntington Beach California, borrowing $300 for some tools from a friend and a beat up mini van from another friend’s mom. Jesse put an ad in the local penny saver for $30 a week, hungry for work he bid jobs dirt cheap and worked sometimes 16 hour days 7 days a week. Since then its developed into a full fledged design and build firm with over 20 team members on staff and a reputation for unique and stylish design as well as quality construction. Most of our projects are extensive makeovers involving bulldozing the entire property with the exception of the house then building from scratch off of designs based on anything you and designer Jesse Escalera can dream up.

The more impressive or over the top the more we’re into building it for you. We are also known for our reliability and integrity, once you have become a Proscapes customer your taken care of even if its just for a broken sprinkler head or some advice on what furniture to buy for your new backyard. And although we don’t focus on being the cheapest, for what we do we are very competitive, this is possible because we do everything in house and do not sub anything out with the exception of the gunite or shotcrete on some of the larger pool projects other than that we have in house plumbers, electricians, masons, framers, and welders, so you don’t have to over pay for stylish design and professional workmanship, that’s the Proscapes advantage.

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